Cooking for Kat…

An altered a caramel ball recipe to suit my needs as Bill had requested: Pink Icing, Caramel, Honeycomb for his cake, back in January 08

The results of a caramel ball recipe I altered to suit my needs as my friend, Bill had requested a specific birthday cake theme: Pink Icing, Caramel & Honeycomb, back in January '08

Recently a friend of mine, Kat, has been blogging about how she’s going to cook planned meals for a week etc and talking about how she’s attempting to domesticate herself. The impact of that was LOST utterly on me (I cook practically every day) until today when she explained that she and her partner eat out EVERY. DAY. And have done forever. She also claimed that that’s just how people were in her area and that basically everyone ate like that.

THIS. BLEW. MY. MIND! I come from a background where if I eat out even once a week my parents lament that I’m wasting too much money. We had home cooked meals for every meal – with large portions of the ingredients coming from our garden or locally produced – for my entire childhood.

Amusingly, and possibly because of our upbringing, my brother is a trained chef. He’d be working as one still if a tragic car accident hadn’t robbed him of normal mobility nearly half a decade ago.

I’m rambling, but all this basically means I cook, and I cook a lot, and I love to cook.

I’m a very VERY experimental, holistic cook, however, and when Kat asked me to post recipes for her I was excited at the idea but equally a little daunted. Rarely do I EVER cook the same thing twice!

BUT! I figured, food is just as inspirational as visual aesthetics, thusly I’ve decided to also post recipes/food adventures in this blog to help out a friend, and to look back upon with possibly wide-eyed disbelief. xD

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be tucking into my dinner. ^_^

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  1. Squee! I am so excited to see what you post and try out some of your meals my dear!

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