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December 4th, 2009

20 (ish) Fetchingly Fine File Folders

Standing by the counter of my local Angus & Robertsons yesterday, attempting to agree on what engagement gift we were getting for friends I spotted some GORGEOUS file folders that actually SCREAMED my friend Es. Being unable to afford them at the time I left them on the shelf but thought I’d find them when I got home on the net.

GUESS WHO WAS COMPLETELY UNABLE TO RELOCATE THEM ONLINE?! Its like they only exist in that one A&Rs, and no where else. O_O;;; xD I thought I’d found them at fredflare & anthropologie, but alas, ~~PREMATURE EXCITEMENT.~~

But in my search I came across a metric buttload of gorgeous file folders, and as storage solutions and attempting to keep track of paper in a much more efficient fashion has been on my mind a lot lately – I lose paper like nobody’s business – I thought I’d do up a little share and squee on some of the nicest ones. :D

From the title:
1. Two Birds File Folders 2. Coral File Folders 3 & 4. Thomas Paul File Folders

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December 4th, 2009

Its a never ending cycle…

Though Erik is CHEATING and getting in more game loss than the original stuck-sign allows.

For example, yesterday when I got up from working to shower before a mini-shopping trip, I sat back down to my computer to test a few css tweaks out and discovered this image on an open tab waiting for me.

All those that think Erik is rude, SAY I. xD

Though I do realise that anyone actually reading my posts is ALSO experiencing oft-game loss. But I’m sharing my pain (and amusement) and sharing is caring. SO I HOPE YOU ALL FEEL CARED FOR! xD

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