20 (ish) Fetchingly Fine File Folders

Standing by the counter of my local Angus & Robertsons yesterday, attempting to agree on what engagement gift we were getting for friends I spotted some GORGEOUS file folders that actually SCREAMED my friend Es. Being unable to afford them at the time I left them on the shelf but thought I’d find them when I got home on the net.

GUESS WHO WAS COMPLETELY UNABLE TO RELOCATE THEM ONLINE?! Its like they only exist in that one A&Rs, and no where else. O_O;;; xD I thought I’d found them at fredflare & anthropologie, but alas, ~~PREMATURE EXCITEMENT.~~

But in my search I came across a metric buttload of gorgeous file folders, and as storage solutions and attempting to keep track of paper in a much more efficient fashion has been on my mind a lot lately – I lose paper like nobody’s business – I thought I’d do up a little share and squee on some of the nicest ones. :D

From the title:
1. Two Birds File Folders 2. Coral File Folders 3 & 4. Thomas Paul File Folders

Gods honestly pretty much EVERYTHING from Charming Cards, really. xD But:
5. William Morris File Folder (four shown) – ARMAGAD EEEE *loves* 6. Garden Party File Folder (four shown)

7. Pink Madras File Folder – WOO PLAID :D 8. Pinwheel File Folder 9. Drops Blue File Folder 10. Sophie File Folder 11. Emma File Folder

12. Retro Tulip File Folder 13. Hootie Owl File Folder 14. Cabanarama File Folders 15. Bees Knees File Folders

16. Ocean Escapade Decorative File Folders – I know they don’t really fit in with the other ones I’ve been drooling over, but WHO CAN GO PAST JELLYFISH!? xD 17. Blue Bouquet Decorative File Folders Set 18. Simple Pink Birds File Folder – Simple, eh? xD 19. Black Vase Toile Decorative File Folders 19. World Map File Folders 20. Bingo File Folders

Though one does wonder whether or not purchasing such LOVELY visual office luxuries is almost a waste – if they’re to be hidden away in a cabinet or cupboard. But then I guess it’s that SECRET indulgence of YOU knowing they’re there. Being beautiful.

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