Thirty Day Challenge. Day 03: Your Favourite TV Show

I admit, I’m bad at picking ONE thing alone that I love. And my favourites – especially with tv – change so frequently depending on my mood, where I am in my life and, in this case, how CRAP the writing has gotten… xD

But, in terms of CURRENT TV, I’m going with the three shows I most care/fangirl about. Though, bear in mind I’m not including shows like Top Gear, Grand Designs or ANYTHING River Cottage. Cause otherwise this list would be six. Which I guess it is now. Huh.

ANYWAY, so about those “three” tv shows… *whistles* In no apparent order:
Castle: I LOVE AND ADORE NATHAN FILLION! But he’s not the be all and end all of my love for this show. The banter is brilliant, the character development is king and every single cast member is a valuable part of the ‘squee’ experience. Its not hard hitting, it has its serious moments but its not serious – though even through the jokes the crimes themselves are never treated as pure figments of fun. But goddamn, this show IS pure entertainment, and entertainment at its finest. ♥

True Blood: NOMMY. VAMPIRES. ARE. NOMMY! Season two, when Eric walks into his dungeon with foils in his hair & a green hairdressing cape on, annoyed and ready to rip a redneck limb from limb? THAT is some awesome viewing right there. From the little touches like newspaper headlines touting Angelina’s new adopted vampire baby, to the brilliance of bad-ass vamps comparing their top scores in Wii Golf? True Blood is one satisfying thirst quencher. ♥

Supernatural: I’ve been a Jensen Ackles fan since I was fifteen. That’s nearly HALF my entire life. xD Hell, I even religiously watched Days of Our Lives when he was in it just for him. So its no surprise that I’m a MASSIVE fan of SN. But, as with Castle, its not because I’m a gooey-eyed fan-girl that I love this show. Though, that’s clearly part of it, its that when this show is bad its very very bad, but when this show is good? ITS AWESOME.

PS: You may have noticed that this challenge hasn’t been very ‘everyday’ by me. I’ve just come to the conclusion that its not possible, and so I’m posting them as I have time/opportunity. I guess that makes it more of a 30 Post Challenge, but as long as its done in a timely manner, WHO CARES, AMIRITE!? :D

Screen caps from: deadwoodstage, sky-angel22 & castletvshow

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