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April 9th, 2010

The real nerd in the relationship…

hilbert1 by ElisabethD

Hilbert1 by ElisabethD

Greg’s face: *goes all blank as if he’s on standby for a moment*
Me: *wonders if her suspicions are true, and her partner’s clearly android self has powered down for a moment*
Me: Huh. How does androgyny have anything to do with androids?
Greg: Because of andro, meaning human… Well, actually I believe it means man.
Me: *wonders even harder how android is even a word and tries to connect human with the id and come up with robot* But how does that have anything to do with androgyny, that’s like… Not a man.
Greg: Yes, but that’s because of gyno,
Me: You’re a gyno.
Greg: NO. YOU!

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