But what if you soiled them, like the three little kittens?

Jessie Steele Designer Aprons

While on the hunt for new replacement measuring spoons because I BROKEDEDNESS BEC’S TABLESPOON MEASURE, AUUGH! – I stumbled upon these DELECTABLE Jessie Steele Designer Aprons at the The Cupcake Courier. HOW SWEET ARE THEY?!

Only problem is, I’m MORE than sure I’d be terrified of getting them dirty when actually cooking/baking. Which isn’t exactly what one wants out of an apron. But still: DO WANT! ♥

3 Comments to “But what if you soiled them, like the three little kittens?”

  1. You wouldn’t happen to have the sims 2 mesh for Carnaby’s bowlers, would you?

    Does this seem random?

  2. @MalenkyNozh
    This seems pretty random to me since this isn’t even her Sims blog! Maybe you should PM her on her simming blog instead! ;)

  3. So cute. And I want too!

    I say get one (or all – 8D) and just use them as “serving” aprons. Or even “lounge around the house and look cute” aprons instead of cooking ones.

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