These boots are constructed to be suitable for various perambulations…

How hot are these Ros Hommerson Black Women’s Spin Wide Calf Boots?! I know I know, they’ve got a heel so I probably can’t wear them with my pita of a back, BUT STIL!L They’re not TOO high and they’d look totally hot next year for Ali & Damien (aka Alien! :D <333)'s wedding under our awesomely voluminous dresses. I could make matching boned fabric spats to go on them too! OMG THE PRETTIES! *joyface* I do totally need more boot variety in my wardrobe, the awesome pair that Deasilvae gave me for Christmas are holding their own against a shoe-torturing Nett, but I’d like to not torture them so much and be able to mix it up a bit.

Plus, Greg LOVES him some boot on the ladies ;) :D

HOW. HOT. ARE. THESE. KENNETH. COLD. REACTION. BOOTS..?! They’re called ‘With a Kiss’?! Oh yes, you know your market Kenneth Cole. The heels are likely DEFINITELY too high on these for me, but a girl can dream, right? ;)

Okay so these Madden Girl Women’s G-Zarahh boots are definitely more my prescribed heel height speed, and I LOVE the buckles on them. I think I’ve been having stirrup detail boot love lately cause of a few pairs from The Sims 2. HOW DISTURBING, AMIRITE!? xD *wonders where I can get Madden in Australia*

Oh right, apparently according to You can’t. AWESOME >_>;;

OMG THESE WESTERN CHIEF TULIP GUMBOOOOOOOTS!! Could they BE more adorable?! O_O;; <3333 If you answered “NO! THEY COULD NOT!” then you would be most correct, friend!

Randomly I tried to find out where you could buy Western Chief in Oz, and their “retailers” page on their .au site? HAS NO CONTENT IN IT. Oh yeah, how useful >_>;;

And okay so these aren’t boots but I stumbled across them when I was looking and squealed with girlish delight. ^_^;; xD They’d be such awesome kickin’ around flats :D


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