Just a little peek into what I’ve been doing…

Knitting Nancy Dives In Exhibition, 2011 Adelaide FringeAmongst the craziness of social & family commitments, so many weddings, being a constant bridesmaid (and loving it), being an upcoming bride, my absurd state of health etc etc something has been slowly taking over my life for the past year or so. As a consequence, BIG big changes to my blog are scheduled soon, and my time is happily being consumed by yarn.

You heard me, yarn.

Though I’ve been honing my knitting, crochet has become an obsessive great love and though I’ve known how to do it since my Mum taught me as a small child, and I’ve picked it up now and again throughout my life, this last year has been slowly filling more and more with yarn, so now our lounge room is also filling more and more with yarn. Consequently some really awesome opportunities have been thrown my way and I’ve jumped into the path of others.

One aforementioned opportunity of awesome (that I roped in a mess of my locally talented fabulous friends into)? The Knitting Nancy Dives In Knitting and Crochet Arts Exhibition for the 2011 Adelaide Fringe

A Sperm Whale and a Bowl of Petunias

For which I designed a MESS of crazy crochet undersea beasties..! That’s right, in the newspaper article above, my Sperm Whale is front and centre! WOO! His companion, the bowl of petunias floats beside him in the exhibition, no doubt contemplating how he’s managed to be falling yet suspended for several weeks all at the same time.  My excessively excellent fiance asked if I could make a Sperm Whale and a Bowl of Petunias for the exhibition when I had said I had ‘whale plans’ and fueled by the POWER OF ADAMS! I complied.  The duo are two of my most faved items on Ravelry, and the offers to test crochet the pattern that I will hopefully have released in time for Towel Day have been coming thick and fast.

Now my flatmate and my man keep insisting I design a whole passel of Douglas Adams characters in crochet. I can’t say I’m wholly adverse to the idea… Though the subject of it periodically enrages my man as it brings back images of the Hitchhiker’s film and all its head under head equals two heads shenanigans. We don’t thank the creative team behind the film for THOSE fish..!

I designed a few other crazy fishy (or is that fishy? xD) beasts for the exhibition, ignored some patterns for others, and so many talented people have added their personal style to the undersea craziness. It runs until the the end of the fringe – March 13 2011. So if you’re in town, go check it out!*

*Alternatively you could wait till I go take photos of it and post individual shots of my own creatures so you can armchair exhibition-ize. But if you’re outside during the fringe you get to eat Chips in a Cup! Who doesn’t like Chips in a Cup?!

6 Responses to “Just a little peek into what I’ve been doing…”

  1. Wow, that is amazing! I am going to stalk your blog now because it is awesome. =]

  2. Aww! Thankyou! :D And hey, I’m not the one that spins their own yarn! That green and blue blend you made? OMG DELICIOUS!

  3. How awesome is this! Your sperm whale definitely deserved to be front and center. So glad that the Exhibit is going well, was there any doubt?! And congratulations on getting more work! Very much deserved.

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