Artists Help Japan: Would you like to too?


Audrey Kawasaki just posted about an “. Artists Help Japan .” on ebay and by the gods: SO MANY LOVELY and fabulous artists have submitted! Kelly Vivanco, Lorena Alvarez & obviously Audrey Kawasaki just to name my favourites :D

LOOK AT THE AUDREY KAWASAKI PIECE NOM NOM NOM! Hilariously (and expectedly) hers is already up over $100USD. NO ONE IS SHOCKED!


I have a whole mess of them on watch, we’ve already donated to the Japan appeal and I usually prefer to actually donate directly to a charity instead of purchasing something to help, BUT! OMG! I am so hoping to be able to afford one of them, or if not then I’ll be very pleased to help bump the prices up for Japan! GO GO!


5 Comments to “Artists Help Japan: Would you like to too?”

  1. Audrey’s is about to hit the USD$2,000 mark. Awesome!

  2. OMG! Last I checked it had just ticked over the 1k mark! O_O Seriously awesome!

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