About pages are kind of the bane of MOST people’s existences. What to put there? How to not sound wanky? What to even talk about. And since its actually important to SEO, there’s extra pressure there!

Nett is a (late – AUGH!) 20 something Graphic Designer/Creative Directer/Web Designer who’s been in the game professionally from the age of 14. Graduating with an Honours degree in a Bachelor of Visual Communications (Graphic Design) in 2002, she sat in on a large proportion of Illustration classes and fancies herself a little bit of a moonlighting illustrator and photographer. Emphasis on the little bit.

Currently on extended leave from the University of Adelaide‘s Marketing & Strategic Communications Department, she’s working from home as Creative Director of the fledgling marketing company, SouthernXposure.

A chronic back pain sufferer, she still an aspiring seamstress in her ‘spare’ time. Nett’s other passions are playing and chronicling her Sims 2 exploits, drooling over fashion she can’t afford (Current passion including the huge skirts of Rosen Und Co.), collecting STUFF including a rather extensive collection of Volks Ball-Jointed Dolls, her partner of nearly a year (though friend of near a decade’s – ain’t life funny?) and generally being chirpy in the face of — well, everything.

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