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March 3rd, 2011

Just a little peek into what I’ve been doing…

Knitting Nancy Dives In Exhibition, 2011 Adelaide FringeAmongst the craziness of social & family commitments, so many weddings, being a constant bridesmaid (and loving it), being an upcoming bride, my absurd state of health etc etc something has been slowly taking over my life for the past year or so. As a consequence, BIG big changes to my blog are scheduled soon, and my time is happily being consumed by yarn.

You heard me, yarn.

Though I’ve been honing my knitting, crochet has become an obsessive great love and though I’ve known how to do it since my Mum taught me as a small child, and I’ve picked it up now and again throughout my life, this last year has been slowly filling more and more with yarn, so now our lounge room is also filling more and more with yarn. Consequently some really awesome opportunities have been thrown my way and I’ve jumped into the path of others.

One aforementioned opportunity of awesome (that I roped in a mess of my locally talented fabulous friends into)? The Knitting Nancy Dives In Knitting and Crochet Arts Exhibition for the 2011 Adelaide Fringe

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December 12th, 2010

The littlest bashful starfish…

The littlest Bashful Starfish blushes

There’s a LOT of crochet star patterns out there, and several great free ones at that. Inspired by friends (*hugs to Amy & Q*), Christmas and the Knitting Nancy Dives In exhibition that I’m participating in in next year’s fringe, this is my take on the the crochet star adapted to be one of the cutest of the little sea creatures…

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December 11th, 2010

Skelly Fish, Skelllllly fish, WHAAAAT were they feeding yoooou..?

Skelly Fish, SKEELLLLLY FISH..! Whaaat were they feeding you..?!

Because! It was clearly delicious as the bones are picked clean… xD

Last night I made this from well-timed arriving grab bag of cotton I ordered from Webs. BOOYAH! I’m going to make another one (or maybe another two, idk! xD) to go with it for part of my submission to the 2011 Adelaide Fringe Exhibition, Knitting Nancy Dives In. Its from a pattern by Beth Doherty in Amigurumi! Super Happy Crochet Cute and I did one up quickly last night so that I would be familiar with the pattern when I do it again with some friends today, WOO!

Totally crochets up fast (well, if you’re not also eating dinner, talking crap with friends online, hanging with your partner & getting distracted by watching Tony Robinson docos, The Party & Torque… xD) so I’m excited about making more!

(Ravelry Entry for those in Raveler Revelers ;))

March 5th, 2010

Maybe it was the delerium it being 2am…

Mini quiche

It was quite late, but I have been behind in posting my event photography, so I was looking at some of the shots I had done at Greg’s grandmother’s birthday, like the one above and the Mushroom, ricotta & olives… & the Cheese twists in order to get them the heck uploaded.

Drunk on lack of sleep I’m sure, I blurted out “Wow man, I AM good at taking photos of food.” Reference? Greg’s father had been complimenting me on my food photography when he went through my flicker account back around Christmas. I’d said thankyou and was a bit self depreciating as I always think I can do much MUCH better.

Greg replied, “You should be a food photographer” to which I kind of dismissively responded, “LOL, that’d be nice.” He stopped me, turned my head and said “No. I am serious. You SHOULD be a food photographer.”

I know that he’s my partner, and he’s biased, and Chas is my partner’s DAD so surely he’s also a little biased, but wow. I have to say? All kinds of flattered. ^_^;;

August 18th, 2009

Photography & Ball-joint dolls: A passion.

Virigina, my Volks School C Super Dollfie 10

Virigina, my Volks School C Super Dollfie 10

I have an EXTREME love for asian ball-jointed dolls, and even though the hobby is a ridiculously expensive one, I cannot resist the pull of their glorious faces and their customisable selves. Models you can leave in one position for hours on end and they never complain (well perhaps they do when their stringing is too tight and they manage to kick you in the eye… xD)? DO WANT!

This little morsel is my second most popular photograph on my flickr stream. The first one I cannot fathom WHY it is so popular – it outranks this shot by double! – but I assume its because it has the trifecta of adorable dolls, pink and a SHEEP HAT. That and all the froof. Well okay apparently I CAN fathom it, but still its not the greatest composed shot of all time… xD

I’d love to get back to a place where I’m healthy enough to crawl around on the ground to get ‘the perfect shot’ and to be able to lift these heavy pretties once again. FUTURE GOALS FOR A THOUSAND! In the meantime they sit near my head on my side of the bed and sit about in victorian inspired garb inspiring me, improving morale (well except for perhaps my partner’s xD) and providing pretty.

August 17th, 2009

A bag for a layout… Aka talent swaps are NERVE WRACKING

An excerpt of a layout project for Esther

An excerpt of a layout project for Esther

Not too long ago, my delicious friend Esther of penelope waits fame asked if the two of us could do a trade. I’d make her a livejournal layout for her icon journal, Oh Darling, and she’d make me a handbag. I agreed, even though I’m swamped with other things – I LOVE doing things for Essie and the fact that she dangled an Es-brand handbag in front of me was a no brainer on saying yes. xD

BUT GODDAMN! Seriously, if she was paying me real monies I think I would’ve had a much easier time of this project. This is a little of the second layout I presented her – though i made MANY MORE in between. Because it was a project where we were both making something, and I KNOW how time consuming bag making can be, nothing seemed.. Good enough. How odd that if she’d paid me for the time spent I would’ve felt better about the other ideas I’d had, but making a bag for me meant that suddenly the anti was upped and I felt inept to reach the challenge. HOPE YOU LOVE IT ESSIEFACE!