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January 10th, 2010

Thirty Day Challenge. Day 02: Your favourite film

Amelie (Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain)

Amelie (Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain)

I confess, I am rather behind in this challenge. I feel it is because I started it at around 2am on the 7th and that threw me off. Or at least that’s a pleasant fiction I tell myself instead of admitting that life and my health have been the actual factors at play.

When faced with the daunting task of choosing JUST. ONE. MOVIE. As a favourite, I felt it just COULD NOT be done. I love so many films, and I count many as all time favourites – my flixter favourite count is 60+ and there’s a lot still to be added.

But, after a little while of sitting quietly (yes I AM capable of it, despite all apparent protests to the opposite) I realised no that it wasn’t that hard and I narrowed it down to two. And then realised that of those two, in my heart of hearts I could narrow that down once again to one, shining, beautiful piece of cinema.

Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s quaint, quirky and visually rich Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain is just too too beautiful to NOT be the most beloved favourite.

Sorry, Stranger Than Fiction. You’re awesome, you have flours, but you clearly needed to feature a much more over-saturated cross-processed look to win this girl over completely. ;)

January 10th, 2010

Blue Dot Real Good Experiment

Blu Dot Real Good Experiment from Real Good Chair on Vimeo.

When we opened our SoHo store in 2008, we were introduced to the resourceful culture of “curb-mining”: the act of finding furniture and art on the street. Now that a year has passed, we decided to conduct a curb-mining experiment of our own to celebrate our one-year anniversary in New York.

On November 4-5, 25 Real Good Chairs were dropped around NYC, free for the take. Many were GPS-enabled. Watch the film to see what happened.

Directed by Andrew Zuchero
Produced by Supermarche
Concept by mono
Technology by Tellart

Ahahaha! I’m off re-posting things my friends have posted again, but this is just TOO glorious to not! Love the editing, the concept, the CHAIR! And man every single one of the INCOs seem to be seriously awesome people.

I’d so love to see just how ‘sit-able’ that chair is…

January 9th, 2010

Symphony of Science


They had me at hello Attenborough! ♥ Mythosidhe posted this video on her livejournal this morning and it filled me with absolute love – and the need to fling myself at the Symphony of Science website to absorb and download everything I could get my wiggling fingers upon.

I’d love to have all of this on projectors all over the walls of a space while a party was going on, a soundtrack of minds & voices lyrically filling your head with learning.

Everything is so beautifully put together and fabulously compelling. AND ITS SCIENCE! ‘Tis true, ‘I find the reality thrilling‘ ♥

December 1st, 2009

Whatever you do, DON’T go into the bathroom…

Near the end of a super pleasant and rather impromptu evening, two friends and I at length talked about zombie, ghost and horror movies. Soon after they left Greg and I decided to watch a few episodes of Supernatural before sleeping.

Three episodes of PURE unadulterated win later (In the Beginning, Monster Movie & Yellow Fever – oh yeah, you know we got some Jensen Ackles playing guitar on his leg action *air punch*), Greg kissed my forehead and headed off to the bathroom for the pre-bed shuffle of teeth brushing etc.

When he came back into the room, he flicked off the light – though we were still illuminated by the lamp with a remote, aka the blue glow of the tv – and he casually mentioned “You know your dolls are all covered up. It’s kind of… Creepy.” To which I cracked up, told him to flick the light back on so it wasn’t so freakish and as he did so I pulled the white sheet off of the top of them so they could resume their normal state of staring at us with their vacant-at-best stares.

An eerie mood settled about us, we were crawling back into bed and Greg conversationally asks “SO! I just walked into the bathroom, and I looked at the mirror. And guess what I saw..?”

Okay, so I don’t scare easily, in fact I normally find horror flicks to be high comedy. But after that entire evening’s quantity of set up, the hairs on the back of my neck pricked up, my palms got insta-clammy and my eyes widened to twice their usual size.

Visions of lipstick scrawled messages of doom; steam-revealed finger-painting dripping with overtones of imminent death, a face of someone long-dead appearing to stand behind him flashed through my mind.

“No?” I hesitantly replied.

“A note…”

Oh god, the tension stiffened my joints.

“…Stuck to the mirror…”

My breath caught in my throat.


Every god in creation, help me now.

You lost the game.


SCREW YOU ERIK *dies so hard* Bastard flatmate and his ridiculous ideas of possible win. I WILL NOT ADMIT TO YOUR AWESOME, YOU HEAR ME!? >_>;;;;;;;;;

Greg went and moved the note to the lid of Erik’s laptop. He considered putting it INSIDE on the screen, but he decided that that was sinking to Erik levels of cruelty. And nobody wants that, now, do they?

ETA 01:54am: Apparently we DO want that. Although with the caveat of it being on his keyboard. Cause we’re not BASTARDS. Or something. ^_^;;

ETA 09:45am: Erik’s left to go to a business meeting. Greg’s searched the premises. He can’t find the note anywhere. But he knows Erik found it: his laptop has been left open like some kind of ominous signal. This means the note is SOMEWHERE, and it means its always on our minds. Which also means: CONTINUAL. GAME. LOSS.

You’ve won this round Erik, oh yes, but we shall prevail.

December 1st, 2009

The morning after: a bath, a bar & a period drama.

Upon awaking this morning I found that the stress, pressure and sheer drain of yesterday had effected me adversely after all. Wanting to be able to do everything, go everywhere and be as much as I could be for Corinne, her memory, her family, our friends, MY family… I was shocked in the evening that I’d held up, physically, so well.

But this morning everything hurt, my fingers, my toes, lets not talk of the effort it took to hold up my head and standing? Standing is a most definitely an over-rated pass time and I do not recommend it. Or at least I could not before the delicious bath Greg suggested.

A possibly-will-scald-yourself-but-not-quite water temperature, a beautiful period drama (with one’s hair pinned up in the correct era’s fashion), a cumulus of bubbles, and the luxuriant experience of a gifted Lush Ma Bar and after two hours one can walk down one’s own hallway unassisted on one’s own. MIRACULOUS!

Lush Ma Bar: photo courtesy of

Something I must say about the Ma Bar though? Its a fabulous idea in theory; the water feels soft and enveloping, the feel of your skin post-bath is soft and sumptuous. The sugar cube dissolves easily so there’s not a hint of scratchiness. The bubbles pile HIGH and you feel very much like a tv heroine. No, that is all quite WONDROUS.

The unfortunate gripe I have, however, is that though chocolate is VERY welcome in near-every situation, the colour of chocolate is STILL brown. And a brown bath is not the most aesthetically pleasing of visual experiences. You clamber out and wonder just HOW filthy you must’ve been before hand – or in my case whether or not I’d managed to soak the colour of my skin off in two hours.

Which I guess wouldn’t be so bad, I’ve managed to wind-burn myself into having a rather impressive inverse-locket (you know, if I were a cat) and with so many special occasions upon us its not the most ENVIABLE of circumstances. I keep asking Greg if he still loves me even if I have unevenly coloured breasts. Apparently he does, poor soul.

But still, for the Ma Bar I give:

Fragrance: 8/10 – okay so my olfactory largely do not function, but it still smelled gorgeous and delicious (sign me up for cake RIGHT NOW).
WoSE (Water on Skin Experience)**: 9/10 – rather soft, comforting and relaxing. JUST what I needed. Does feel like its moisturising the skin while you soak.
Visual Aesthetic: 5/10 – though the fluffy bubbles are heavenly, the BROWN of the bath is quite alarming xD
Leaves your skin feeling: super soft and moisturised – I can’t stop running my fingers across my collarbones ^_^;;
Clean up: NONE! – I found as long as you made sure you crumbled ALL of the bar into the bath, then there was no staining or residual colour left to have to attempt to clean up after.

* photo courtesy of Zanthia @ flickr’s Lush Set, as I was rather incapable of taking my own pre-bath

** I have NO idea how to describe that sensation, I asked Greg & Steffi and though they came up with multiple good suggestions (well Steffi did anyway xD) nothing really hit the nail on the exact head.