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December 4th, 2009

20 (ish) Fetchingly Fine File Folders

Standing by the counter of my local Angus & Robertsons yesterday, attempting to agree on what engagement gift we were getting for friends I spotted some GORGEOUS file folders that actually SCREAMED my friend Es. Being unable to afford them at the time I left them on the shelf but thought I’d find them when I got home on the net.

GUESS WHO WAS COMPLETELY UNABLE TO RELOCATE THEM ONLINE?! Its like they only exist in that one A&Rs, and no where else. O_O;;; xD I thought I’d found them at fredflare & anthropologie, but alas, ~~PREMATURE EXCITEMENT.~~

But in my search I came across a metric buttload of gorgeous file folders, and as storage solutions and attempting to keep track of paper in a much more efficient fashion has been on my mind a lot lately – I lose paper like nobody’s business – I thought I’d do up a little share and squee on some of the nicest ones. :D

From the title:
1. Two Birds File Folders 2. Coral File Folders 3 & 4. Thomas Paul File Folders

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October 21st, 2009

Corned Beef and further exploits…

My first recipe to this blog actually has two recipes included in it. Because I’m crazy like that, and also its because its what we ate for dinner tonight.

We’re rather destitute at the moment, and so its come down to what I call ‘Survival food.’ Good, wholesome meals that fill you up but don’t cost you much of anything, as we don’t have much to spend! xD

Two days ago I rememebred that my mother had foisted a frozen beef silverside upon me and said “MAKE THIS” the last time we visited. As I’m rather partial to corned beef, I didn’t protest TOO hardly that she seemed to be handing over the entire contents of her burgeoning pantry to us and into my partner’s rather space-challenged car… xD

Thusly two days ago, I threw it into the slow cooker:

Slow Cooked Corn Beef

1 Beef Silverside
3/4 Cup Balsamic Vinegar
2 Tablespoons of Brown Sugar (not Raw Sugar)
Bay Leaves
Whole Peppercorns
1 Large Onion, quartered

Place beef silverside in slow cooker, fat side up. Drop in all of your ingredients, then pour in enough water to cover the cut of meat. Cook on the high setting for eight hours. At this point you can eat, but I like to put the slow cooker on low and leave for another ten hours.

Take the meat out and serve! Keep the leftovers in the fridge to slice off and put in sandwiches, other meals etc.

MY GOD IT IS HARD to not wax lyrical during recipe instructions! *laughs* I so wanted to put 893948209483 notes and such in that. You can add stuff to taste – more balsamic, more brown sugar? GO! xD. Personally, the long way I’ve found you don’t really have to do much, and the silverside can even be frozen. HURRAH! xD Less work for a big payoff = everybody’s happy.

Okay so this evening for dinner, we’re eating pov style, as I mentioned, and thusly I thought what better meal than corned beef on potatoes!? NOOMMMISH!

Corned Beef on Potatoes

2 medium/large potatoes
2 slices Corned Beef
1 medium onion
grated cheese
olive oil
powdered chicken stock
white wine
pinch of sugar
freshly ground salt and pepper

Please note, this serves one, all you need to is times the quantities by number of people and delicious.

Quarter the potatoes. Place the potatoes in a microwave proof bowl, add a little water – just 1cm or so on the bottom – cover with cling wrap. Prick the cling wrap a few times then place in the microwave for ten minutes on high.

Grab a fork and separate the fibres of corned beef. Finely chop the onion and place in a frying pan/wok with a little oil. Sweat off the onions, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon. Add a little sugar to help the caramelising process, and some white wine for extra flavour. When the onions are translucent, add in your seperated corned beef. Sprinkle on a liberal dash of powdered chicken stock. Keep stirring until the corned beef has heated up.

Take onions and beef off of the heat, and remove potatoes from microwave.

Remove plastic from potatoes, pour off any residual water. Grind salt and pepper to taste on the potatoes, then pour the onion and beef mix on top. Drizzle a little more olive oil on top, and add a little grated cheese. DEVOUR!

WOW! Even the most simplest recipes that you just make up on the fly require a WHOLE LOT of writing. XD This’d also be great with a little cabbage cooked with the onions, using both sweet and white potatoes, and adding wasabi and horseradish to the onion/beef mix for a little more kick.

For a little more elegance to the presentation, flake off your cheese from a block with a potato peeler, and put some fresh herbs into/onto the mix.


PS: I DON’T HAVE A PHOTO AAAUUUGH! But I promise to take one asap. xD

October 21st, 2009

Cooking for Kat…

An altered a caramel ball recipe to suit my needs as Bill had requested: Pink Icing, Caramel, Honeycomb for his cake, back in January 08

The results of a caramel ball recipe I altered to suit my needs as my friend, Bill had requested a specific birthday cake theme: Pink Icing, Caramel & Honeycomb, back in January '08

Recently a friend of mine, Kat, has been blogging about how she’s going to cook planned meals for a week etc and talking about how she’s attempting to domesticate herself. The impact of that was LOST utterly on me (I cook practically every day) until today when she explained that she and her partner eat out EVERY. DAY. And have done forever. She also claimed that that’s just how people were in her area and that basically everyone ate like that.

THIS. BLEW. MY. MIND! I come from a background where if I eat out even once a week my parents lament that I’m wasting too much money. We had home cooked meals for every meal – with large portions of the ingredients coming from our garden or locally produced – for my entire childhood.

Amusingly, and possibly because of our upbringing, my brother is a trained chef. He’d be working as one still if a tragic car accident hadn’t robbed him of normal mobility nearly half a decade ago.

I’m rambling, but all this basically means I cook, and I cook a lot, and I love to cook.

I’m a very VERY experimental, holistic cook, however, and when Kat asked me to post recipes for her I was excited at the idea but equally a little daunted. Rarely do I EVER cook the same thing twice!

BUT! I figured, food is just as inspirational as visual aesthetics, thusly I’ve decided to also post recipes/food adventures in this blog to help out a friend, and to look back upon with possibly wide-eyed disbelief. xD

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be tucking into my dinner. ^_^

August 18th, 2009

Victorian macabre, don’t mind if I do.

Sillhouette Masterpiece Theatre by Wilhelm Staehle

Sillhouette Masterpiece Theatre by Wilhelm Staehle

If you know me, you know I have a rather… Morbid side and Sillhouette Masterpiece Theatre appeals to that in spades. Oh lords, the puns, I am sorry. Classic victorian era paintings with victorian sillhouettes coupled with delicious typography and usually black humour. Perfection in an art piece!

Though his news feed is on twitter – we’ll forgive him that the world appears to be there, loudly proclaiming themselves to be twits – the work is gorgeously executed and you feel compelled to purchase every single item in the shop – Oh, I’m, sorry, the epically named Bazaarium. Perhaps to put along your hallway or plastered upon the walls of your wood-panelled den in between your mounted deer heads and antlers. Crude? Rude? Innappropriate? MOST DEFINITELY, ENJOY!

August 18th, 2009

Protein will fill you, and keep your needles safe…

Adorable Egg Pincushion tutorial by Christina Lane, The Sometimes Crafter

Adorable Egg Pincushion tutorial by Christina Lane, The Sometimes Crafter

So its not exactlythe most MINDBLOWING tutorial on the planet, its a few simple steps to create a really sweetly end result for something that is crazy useful when sewing – and would make super cute gifts. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?! The colours and patterns and mixes are great, useful for other colour combos and come on?! As if this doesn’t fill you with nostalgia for mornings eating dippy eggs and soldiers?

I feel I may go eat some now…

August 18th, 2009

Oh my god its full of stars PRETTY DRESS!

The work of Susan Biovsky at Rosen & Co

The work of Susan Biovsky at Rosen & Co

These tiny thumbnails don’t do tis work justice under ANY stretch of the imagination. The HUGE voluminous skirts, the traditional clothing inspiration taken to delicious heights and magnitutes of fabric. I mean just LOOK at that petticoat! OM NOM NOOOMMM..! Do want these clothes and lords do enjoy the massive inspirational hit this line offers.

Big skirts, patterened tights, how could anyone not feel pretty in these sumptuous ensembles?

August 17th, 2009

loish: Its time to drool.

evening glow by `loish

evening glow by `loish

‘loish has to be one of my all time favourite deviantartists. Though I don’t react as violently as my friend Jenji (who has uttered more than once that it makes her sick how awesome [loish’s] art is xD), I find this animation student’s art incredibly inspiring and freakishly mood altering.

You can purchase a lot of her work as prints, the image I’ve chosen to showcase, ‘evening glow‘ included, as well as copies of her fruit series. I ADORE ‘blackfruit,’ she really reminds me of me and thusly I WANT that outfit she’s wearing with a want of a thousand fiery wantings.

One of her newest exploits of meeting the challenge of drawing ‘yourself’ in four stages of life cracks me up and COMPLETELY makes me want to try it out myself. BUT GD if I know what I was like while I was a teen. I think you have some kind of internal switch that makes you forget else you die of humiliation xD xD

August 17th, 2009

Cathedral Squares: A challenge for another time

Cathedral Squares: A Tutorial from Hyena In Petticoats

Cathedral Squares: A Tutorial from Hyena In Petticoats

I’ve had a tab open to this tutorial for QUITE some time. I’m itching to try it out with all sorts of fabrics and patterns but alas, health still robs me of the chance. But the scope for experimentation and FUN in this project keeps me from closing the tab and relegating it to the too-hard-due-to-health basket. I want to create gorgeous cathedral squares and then embroider and applique other designs on top. Stitch all over that mother in various illustration styles. I SHALL DO THIS! I SHALL!! :D :D :D

August 17th, 2009

Polyvore: Collage never looked so sexy.

An insight into Polyvore: Katoulas A Small Preview Of Fall 2009.
Sexy collage, delicious fashion statements. Polyvore’s a DIY in delicious, ostentatious, divine and sometimes rather absurd. For those who are members you define your style and themes and share your fashion savvy with the world, for those that aren’t OH MY GOD ENJOY THE NOMS! Inspiration at its girly best, a lot of colour schemes and concepts have sprung from this site for me. Fashion, fun, frivolity and yet its WORK RESEARCH! Hell yes you don’t get much better than that right there. ^_^

OhOh! My example pics? They’re from katoula’s ‘A Small Previw Of Fall 2009…’, and IDK why she spelled it that way but she did. I especially adore Untitled, Green can make things more interesting… & Victorian Tea Party.