The littlest bashful starfish…

The littlest Bashful Starfish blushes

There’s a LOT of crochet star patterns out there, and several great free ones at that. Inspired by friends (*hugs to Amy & Q*), Christmas and the Knitting Nancy Dives In exhibition that I’m participating in in next year’s fringe, this is my take on the the crochet star adapted to be one of the cutest of the little sea creatures…

Bashful Starfish

Skill Level:

Finished Measurements:
10cm across, 5cm in height (3.9″ x 1.9″)

Tools & Materials:
3 x Worsted weight cotton:

  • Colour A: Orange
  • Colour B: Pink
  • Colour C: Charcoal
  • 3.0mm Crochet Hook
    Tapestry Needle
    Polyester Fibrefill

    Optional Tools & Materials:
    1 stitch marker (locking or otherwise – I use spiral ‘scrap booking’ paperclips)

    Gauge: 5 round gauge circle = 4cm (1.6″)

    Pattern is written in US terminology (cause most of the patterns I’ve been reading this year have been American xD)

    1. With colour B, create a magic loop, then sc 5 into loop (5)
    2. ch1, 2sc in each st around (10)
    3. pull magic loop tight, ch1, (sc, 2sc in next st) 5 times (15)
    4. ch1, (1 sc in next 2 sts, 2sc in next st) 5 times (20)
    5. ch1, (sc, 2sc in next st) 5 times (30)
    6. ch1, sc in next 6 st, ch1, turn (6)
    7. sc in all 6 st, ch1, turn (6)
    8. sc2tog, sc in next 2 st, sc2tog, ch1, turn (4)
    9. sc in all 4 st, ch1, turn (4)
    10. (sc2tog) twice, ch1, turn (2)
    11. sc2tog, bind off (1)
    12. Attach yarn to next free st on base circle to the left of previous point using the pull through loop, ch1, sc in same st method. sc in next 5 st, ch1, turn (6) and repeat steps 7 to 11.
    13. Repeat step 12 three more times. At the end of the fifth point, do not bind off, rather ch1, and sc around entire star perimeter (76)
    14. ch1, sc in each st around, slst in last st, bind off (76)
    15. With colour A, repeat steps 1 through 14.
    16. Using colour A, thread tapestry needle. Starting at the top of a point, sew wrong sides of each star together by stitching through the front loops only of each side. Ensure all loose ends are tucked in side stars as you go.
    17. When only one ‘valley’ remains, stuff star well, then continue sewing both sides together till end. Weave in ends, and finish manipulating star into the desired shape – pressing into the middle of the bottom to give it a slightly concave look.
    18. Thread tapestry needle with colour C, and embroider in eyes vertically.
    19. Thread tapestry needle with colour B, embroider in cheeks horizontally.
    20. Be delighted!

    * If using optional stitch marker, place it at the start of rows 2 through 5.

    ** Cotton I preferred to use is Tahki Yarns Cotton Classic. Colours used for this were: A: 3541 B: 3446, & C: 3019

    *** If you’re feeling a rich, stuffing the star front and back with the same yarn you used to crochet it will help disguise any errors/differences in gauge/tension.

    *** Stuffing this star with pvc pellets would mean it would double as a paperweight. BUT would also render the project no longer safe for children.

    **** Please don’t replicate/reprint this pattern, nor claim it as your own. Rather, link back to this page/site instead. Thankyou!

    The littlest Bashful Starfish

    (For Le Ravelers: Ravelry Pattern Link, Ravelry Project Link.)



    9 Responses to “The littlest bashful starfish…”

    1. That is so incredibly adorable, I have no words. And your stitches are so perfect! *jealous*

    2. Why for jealous?! I’ve seen pics of your stuff, its always completely adorable! :D

    3. thank you so much for this pattern is so cute!

    4. How do I acquire permission to sell these cute little sea stars to benefit the (Port Angeles, WA) Feiro Marine Life Center’s research on the disease that is currently killing sea stars?

      I have a small adaptation. When I made one for my granddaughter, she wanted it to have a nose.

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