Photography & Ball-joint dolls: A passion.

Virigina, my Volks School C Super Dollfie 10

Virigina, my Volks School C Super Dollfie 10

I have an EXTREME love for asian ball-jointed dolls, and even though the hobby is a ridiculously expensive one, I cannot resist the pull of their glorious faces and their customisable selves. Models you can leave in one position for hours on end and they never complain (well perhaps they do when their stringing is too tight and they manage to kick you in the eye… xD)? DO WANT!

This little morsel is my second most popular photograph on my flickr stream. The first one I cannot fathom WHY it is so popular – it outranks this shot by double! – but I assume its because it has the trifecta of adorable dolls, pink and a SHEEP HAT. That and all the froof. Well okay apparently I CAN fathom it, but still its not the greatest composed shot of all time… xD

I’d love to get back to a place where I’m healthy enough to crawl around on the ground to get ‘the perfect shot’ and to be able to lift these heavy pretties once again. FUTURE GOALS FOR A THOUSAND! In the meantime they sit near my head on my side of the bed and sit about in victorian inspired garb inspiring me, improving morale (well except for perhaps my partner’s xD) and providing pretty.


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