Abenohiya aka Cadenza’s Super Dollfies

Fairyland Little Fee Ante, from abenohiya aka Cadenza's flickr

Oops, I angelic-ed again! The sweetest of little Christmas Cherubs

AUGH! ♥ I hadn’t really been looking at people’s doll sites or flickr photostreams for over a year now because it was SUCH a temptation/exquisite torture which I just could not afford (health or monetarily wise). But today I got a notification of abenohiya/hiyaya friending me on flickr and upon clicking to see if they’d be someone I would friend back I was filled with want for my own doll crew and a massive photoshoot like I haven’t had in a dog’s age.

A whole mess of her shots are just divine, and totally fit in with my theme this week of christmas-y link-spam. *delight*

Autumn Angel; unoa lusis, Yurine

Yukari: Bluefairy white sleeping sarang

I'd LOVE to decorate at christmas time with this soft feel and colours ♥

Other not so thematic favourites in her photostream include Hiru, a School A, a GORGEOUS School A girl, Hiragi, and a set of magnificently macabre ‘disjointed’ jointed hands.


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