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June 17th, 2010

In a beautiful pea green boat…

The owl and the pussy cat went to sea...

I’m pretty sure that Essie warned me that this set was going to be released soon, and warning is so totally the correct word here. The fabrics and patterns in Heather Ross’s Far Far Away II set conjure up SO MANY awesome project ideas I am full to bursting.

I somehow think, however, that Greg wont let me purchase a mess of smiley moons and wistful cats to make new quilt covers/pillow cases for our shared bed however… ^_^;; xD Though I DO really need to find some awesome fabric combinations that we both like (YES! My man does actually have an opinion on fabric *outs him*) to make us more. Our totally mismatched bedding is starting to urk me, even though the reason we went that way was because of lack of funds and that together it became ‘OURS.’ <3

Confession time? I used to HATE the Owl & the Pussycat when I was a kid. Used to drive me batty that the cat didn’t just eat the owl. DID IT HAVE NO SENSE OF PRESERVATION!? But now it just fills me with such a feeling of whimsical nostalgia that I adore any reference to it when I stumble upon it.

Old age hypocrisy, apparently I cherish it.

June 17th, 2010

Is the Puppy in the package deal? :D

Does the doggie come with the house? :D

This afternoon I jump online and Jenji, bless her hearts, (yes. HEARTS! xD) didn’t even say hello, just linked me this photospam of Four Story Townhouse at DigsDigs with the word: Pretty.

I’m going to have to say OMG YES! O_O; <33333 You could take photos of stuff ANYWHERE and the light would be so nice for it. *has clearly warped priorities* I also ADORE all the wood accents and the little loft and the bathroom door of ye olde winne. I love looking at interiors that have been decorated with a strong mix of vintage/antique and fresh-from-the-flat-pack.

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