Well played, parentless child…

Mayor: What do you know about orphans?
DeathSpank: They have no parents.
Mayor: You are well informed.


Seriously have a need to get this game. Any game where the hero waxes lyrical about his future path paved with bacon is a must have in my book. *tears of joy*

Too bad it’s EA, but you can’t have everything.

On the topics of games we REALLY want, I so so SO want to watch Greg play Limbo its the kind of massive creepy savagery that I just adore to pieces and since its entirely puzzle based it’d drive Greg completely mental as he always needs to SOLVE THE PUZZLE. He once surreptitiously solved all the kids puzzles in IKEA just because they were in front of him. *so much love*

I can imagine a really wet, fully torrential downpour style night, lying in bed playing this with Greg and screaming at it. Total immersion, total shocking adrenaline boost, and I wont have to think about the actual puzzle solving xD xD *innocent*

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