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August 17th, 2009

A bag for a layout… Aka talent swaps are NERVE WRACKING

An excerpt of a layout project for Esther

An excerpt of a layout project for Esther

Not too long ago, my delicious friend Esther of penelope waits fame asked if the two of us could do a trade. I’d make her a livejournal layout for her icon journal, Oh Darling, and she’d make me a handbag. I agreed, even though I’m swamped with other things – I LOVE doing things for Essie and the fact that she dangled an Es-brand handbag in front of me was a no brainer on saying yes. xD

BUT GODDAMN! Seriously, if she was paying me real monies I think I would’ve had a much easier time of this project. This is a little of the second layout I presented her – though i made MANY MORE in between. Because it was a project where we were both making something, and I KNOW how time consuming bag making can be, nothing seemed.. Good enough. How odd that if she’d paid me for the time spent I would’ve felt better about the other ideas I’d had, but making a bag for me meant that suddenly the anti was upped and I felt inept to reach the challenge. HOPE YOU LOVE IT ESSIEFACE!