loish: Its time to drool.

evening glow by `loish

evening glow by `loish

‘loish has to be one of my all time favourite deviantartists. Though I don’t react as violently as my friend Jenji (who has uttered more than once that it makes her sick how awesome [loish’s] art is xD), I find this animation student’s art incredibly inspiring and freakishly mood altering.

You can purchase a lot of her work as prints, the image I’ve chosen to showcase, ‘evening glow‘ included, as well as copies of her fruit series. I ADORE ‘blackfruit,’ she really reminds me of me and thusly I WANT that outfit she’s wearing with a want of a thousand fiery wantings.

One of her newest exploits of meeting the challenge of drawing ‘yourself’ in four stages of life cracks me up and COMPLETELY makes me want to try it out myself. BUT GD if I know what I was like while I was a teen. I think you have some kind of internal switch that makes you forget else you die of humiliation xD xD

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