i_seldom_do: new Gelaskins!

i_seldom_do: new Gelaskins! Gelaskins by Audrey Kawasaki

AUUUUGH! Suddenly never wanted an iPhone more than I do RIGHT THIS SECOND upon Audrey Kawasaki releasing her new Gelaskins.


I’ve wanted one of her 17″ Macbook Pro Gelaskins but never actually purchased one (poverty somehow manages to win out over vanity), but AUGH! This one is a kicker. DO WANT iPHONE, DARN YOUR ENABLING, AK! xD

PS: First time posting with Press This. QUITE enamored of the feature already :D

2 Comments to “i_seldom_do: new Gelaskins!”

  1. These are awesome! I probably have to get one for my iTouch and one for my phone!?

  2. CLEARLY YOU DO! *giggles*

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