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March 5th, 2010

Maybe it was the delerium it being 2am…

Mini quiche

It was quite late, but I have been behind in posting my event photography, so I was looking at some of the shots I had done at Greg’s grandmother’s birthday, like the one above and the Mushroom, ricotta & olives… & the Cheese twists in order to get them the heck uploaded.

Drunk on lack of sleep I’m sure, I blurted out “Wow man, I AM good at taking photos of food.” Reference? Greg’s father had been complimenting me on my food photography when he went through my flicker account back around Christmas. I’d said thankyou and was a bit self depreciating as I always think I can do much MUCH better.

Greg replied, “You should be a food photographer” to which I kind of dismissively responded, “LOL, that’d be nice.” He stopped me, turned my head and said “No. I am serious. You SHOULD be a food photographer.”

I know that he’s my partner, and he’s biased, and Chas is my partner’s DAD so surely he’s also a little biased, but wow. I have to say? All kinds of flattered. ^_^;;

March 2nd, 2010

Three Days Late: Tiramisu!

Tiramisu: Daring Baker's Challenge, February 2010
I’m three days late on posting the Daring Baker’s Challenge for February – so its MARCH LAWLS! But I’m hoping its okay because a) this challenge was DELICIOUS and b) Uh, I can bat my eyelashes really impressively? :D :D

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February 25th, 2010

Where was that again..?

Against her better judgement, Jenji linked me this piece of golden gold. SHINING GOLD, GOLD OF THE LAND OF COMMUNISM AND PANDAS!

(Honestly I had a mental blank about whether or not China was the land of shining sun or if that was Japan. So I asked Greg what China was the land of and THAT’S what he came up with. Oh. And bamboo. GREAT EXPORTS YOU GOT THERE, CHINA!)

But honestly the REAL gold is in the comments:
Its definitely Korea man. Well, maybe its Poland...

This TOTALLY inspires me, for my birthday this year, to have a marathon of this documentary series: AS A DRINKING GAME. Every time they say the word China you drink. Its ~educational~!

Oh, and CHINA!

February 24th, 2010

What have I done?

Bridal Shower Brooch Bonanza

As if The Daring Baker’s Challenge isn’t kicking my arse literally enough, I somehow managed to click “Join this group” on the “10 Shawls in 2010” crochet group on Ravelry.

In a year where I’m attempting to hopefully double my freelance work load, and I’m in more than one wedding. As the Maid of Honour in one of them, and helping plan for a wedding in 2011 where I’m also the Maid of Honour. And other weddings I’ll be in that year besides.


I was just certified as disabled by Centrelink, and I’m like OH YEAH I’LL TOTALLY OVER ACCOMPLISH, I CAN DO THAT! Um, you’re a disabled person, Nett. How does my brain work? Can anyone explain that to me? Limitations, what ARE they? xD

*searches for free shawl patterns*

*headdesk* xD

February 18th, 2010


AAAHAHAHAAAA!! Jenji found the next ad in the “MAN THAT YOUR MAN COULD SMELL LIKE!” series, and messaged me DESPERATELY, in a tone that was DESPERATE that I needed to have seen it already.


Did you know that he’s riding that horse backwards?

Well, did you?!

February 14th, 2010

The tickets are NOW DIAMONDS!


At three am? JENJI DELIVERS WITH THE ABSOLUTE GOODS! Who knew Old Spice commercials were so undeniably brilliant? Well, people in the US who get Old Spice commercials on their televisions, presumably. I keep playing this ad over and over and over, and it NEVER gets old. He’s on a boat minus the nautically themed pashmina afghan, alas then a horse, a HORSE!

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January 6th, 2010

Thirty Day Challenge. Day 01: Your favourite song

Before I actually do this whole thing, I want to go on record that: I HAVE A MASSIVE PROBLEM WITH THIS CHALLENGE! Namingly: this challenge includes me having only ONE favourite book/movie/song. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE. And thusly I’m going to interpret these as loosely as I like. So there. xD

So for day one, I’m listing my top 25 most played songs on my iTunes list. These songs are all rated five stars (bar one I believe) and though I love with a vengeance many, many MANY other songs – I’ve got to draw the line SOMEWHERE. xD

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December 4th, 2009

Its a never ending cycle…

Though Erik is CHEATING and getting in more game loss than the original stuck-sign allows.

For example, yesterday when I got up from working to shower before a mini-shopping trip, I sat back down to my computer to test a few css tweaks out and discovered this image on an open tab waiting for me.

All those that think Erik is rude, SAY I. xD

Though I do realise that anyone actually reading my posts is ALSO experiencing oft-game loss. But I’m sharing my pain (and amusement) and sharing is caring. SO I HOPE YOU ALL FEEL CARED FOR! xD

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December 3rd, 2009

Of course you realise, this means war…

The mornings retaliation. I feel it was well played, Greg on the other hand feels that it was MUCH much to obvious.

The morning's retaliation. I feel it was well played, Greg on the other hand feels that it was MUCH much to obvious.

Yesterday morning, post the last ETA, we wandered into the kitchen, and discovered Erik’s initial brand of retaliation. He’d been impressed with Greg’s plot of laptop loss, and thought kettle loss was the logical next step.

Greg’s figured it was MUCH MUCH too obvious a response and so has a slyer one in stock for Erik. The longer it takes for it to hit him, the sweeter – OH so sweeter – it will be.

Or at least that’s the plan.

December 1st, 2009

Whatever you do, DON’T go into the bathroom…

Near the end of a super pleasant and rather impromptu evening, two friends and I at length talked about zombie, ghost and horror movies. Soon after they left Greg and I decided to watch a few episodes of Supernatural before sleeping.

Three episodes of PURE unadulterated win later (In the Beginning, Monster Movie & Yellow Fever – oh yeah, you know we got some Jensen Ackles playing guitar on his leg action *air punch*), Greg kissed my forehead and headed off to the bathroom for the pre-bed shuffle of teeth brushing etc.

When he came back into the room, he flicked off the light – though we were still illuminated by the lamp with a remote, aka the blue glow of the tv – and he casually mentioned “You know your dolls are all covered up. It’s kind of… Creepy.” To which I cracked up, told him to flick the light back on so it wasn’t so freakish and as he did so I pulled the white sheet off of the top of them so they could resume their normal state of staring at us with their vacant-at-best stares.

An eerie mood settled about us, we were crawling back into bed and Greg conversationally asks “SO! I just walked into the bathroom, and I looked at the mirror. And guess what I saw..?”

Okay, so I don’t scare easily, in fact I normally find horror flicks to be high comedy. But after that entire evening’s quantity of set up, the hairs on the back of my neck pricked up, my palms got insta-clammy and my eyes widened to twice their usual size.

Visions of lipstick scrawled messages of doom; steam-revealed finger-painting dripping with overtones of imminent death, a face of someone long-dead appearing to stand behind him flashed through my mind.

“No?” I hesitantly replied.

“A note…”

Oh god, the tension stiffened my joints.

“…Stuck to the mirror…”

My breath caught in my throat.


Every god in creation, help me now.

You lost the game.


SCREW YOU ERIK *dies so hard* Bastard flatmate and his ridiculous ideas of possible win. I WILL NOT ADMIT TO YOUR AWESOME, YOU HEAR ME!? >_>;;;;;;;;;

Greg went and moved the note to the lid of Erik’s laptop. He considered putting it INSIDE on the screen, but he decided that that was sinking to Erik levels of cruelty. And nobody wants that, now, do they?

ETA 01:54am: Apparently we DO want that. Although with the caveat of it being on his keyboard. Cause we’re not BASTARDS. Or something. ^_^;;

ETA 09:45am: Erik’s left to go to a business meeting. Greg’s searched the premises. He can’t find the note anywhere. But he knows Erik found it: his laptop has been left open like some kind of ominous signal. This means the note is SOMEWHERE, and it means its always on our minds. Which also means: CONTINUAL. GAME. LOSS.

You’ve won this round Erik, oh yes, but we shall prevail.