Pretties and practicals, possibly under pressure

Under a minimal quantity of arm twisting, largely by my lovely not-quite-but-totally-are-in-laws, I capitulated to putting together a wishlist for Christmas this year. Though my Vintage Nettles blog is largely a wish-list of sorts, this time around (unlike last time I tried to make a wishlist for a gifting event) I actually can pinpoint items I’d really adore!

Though I’ve realised that I’m in MASSIVE UBER OVERCLOCKED nesting mode, as 90% of the items I originally came up with are practical (but PRETTY!) items that I feel we need for our home, and it was actually a struggle to put ‘frippery’ on the list even though there’s surely a lot of items I’d love to have. Priority shift, I must be getting old. Or stealth clucky. Possibly both. ;)

From the little le bouque list above:
1. & 2. Softies & More Softies 3. Pictorial Webster’s: A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities 4. Wallpaper Projects

I BELIEVE my gorgeous friend Qudsi is furnishing me with copies of the Softies books, which will save our friend Jill from being without her copy of the original all the time. We’re THIEVES I TELL YOU! *laughs* Not that I ever stick to the actual patterns but its nice to have a base that you can squeal “WHATEVER, I CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!” to work from xD

AHA! You see my true colours shining through, and the not-so-hidden housewife side of me exposes herself with brash abandon. There were actually all sorts of more items I’d love to put in this portion of the list BUT! None of them were really suited for living in a share house situation.

One day, when we have a space just our own I’ll probably spend countless hours looking for vintage flour/sugar/tea tins and a plethora of fabulously patterned pot holders to hang upon the wall. But until that day comes, I shall fidgetingly refrain.

1. Pastel Ceramic Egg Cups for Soft Boiled Eggs 2. Jolly Eggcup(s) 3. Progressive Collapsible Cupcake & Cake Carrier 4. KitchenAid Artisan™ Mixer (OH MAAAAN STAND MIXER AUGH! ♥) 5. Scanpan Classic Stove Top Grill 6. LE CREUSET Cherry Red Tagine *covets* 7. Cake Rack N/Stick (though I saw some really nice Baker’s Secret ones – massive ones at that xD – at Cookaholics the other day DO WANT!) 8. KitchenAid Ultra Power™ Blender 9. Red Spotty Teapot 10. Red 60-Minute Timer

OH, PS? Apparently I like red! xD

Ah, personal organisation for the office. Or home office as my case may be. Believe it or not, two of these are kind of actual must-haves. My poor wetsuit for Midori has bit the dust, and with SO MANY EVENTS all the time next year having to be kept track of (and evenings where I can’t go to something due to health so make-up dinner or the like has to be rescheduled) I’m very much feeling the absence of a physical day planner. Busy social lives ARE work! xD

1. Paperchase A5 Day To View 2010 Diary. Wonderland Design (WHY oh WHY do they only ship within the UK? *pouts forever*) 2. Rosehip Box Files 3. Audrey Kawasaki Odaijini Gelaskin 4. Lexie Barnes Cricket Laptop Sleeve (n Diablo)

I have been wondering about the STM Zebra Laptop Case, but I SO WISH it was chocolate not black. *poutage* And I’m not actually 100% sold on the laptop sleeve that I linked here… It kind of looks like a toiletries bag. xD

AH HUH! FRIPPERY! *giggles* Some of these things I do kind of need after a fashion – SO MANY WEDDINGS, NOT ENOUGH WRAPS! xD – and other items I just find fabulously appealing…

1. Pearl Lights 2. Parchment Paper Rose Lights 3. Sexy OCTOPUS tattoo tights (in Light Mocha) 4. The Great Penguin Bookchase 5. Pashmina Stoles (in Coffee Bean, Black, Pistachio, Eggplant & Teal) 6. I ♥ Billy Pink ‘Quoted’ Mary Janes 7. Kashmiri Embroidered Wool Shawl 8. Giant Water Lilly – Brooch 9. Spicy Necklace 10. Green with envy – x2 hairclips 11. Autumn Serenade … OOAK Necklace and earrings set in wire crochet with copper leaves and glass pearls in shades of brown

PHEW!! After all that I think I need a bit of a lie down… And I haven’t even added anything from LUSH to this list xD Believe it all not, working out things you really ACTUALLY want/need is a CHALLENGE!

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