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July 3rd, 2010

You should’ve seen them! In his slim little Phaeton, the scandal!

Greg’s flu has managed to mutate itself while holidaying in his person. Consequently, it has now found the great magnanimity to settle into me in an attempt at repeat custom. Thanks very much, influenza. Enjoy your stay, please, DON’T come again…

At any rate its left me lying flat in bed, with the novel feeling at least that today I am unable to stand and my muscles are screaming for completely out of the ordinary reasons. Its almost pleasant, conceptually speaking. Unfortunately, the reality is that even my shins hurt. WHAT KIND OF FLU EFFECTS ONE’S SHINS?! Preposterous!

So I’m attempting to battle on as always, get some work done and in the meantime I get to read up on surprisingly enlightening articles on typographic maturation: “Phaeton” – A classic Bearskinrug Article. When DOES one use those extra characters save for flights of fancy when designing visual elements?

June 20th, 2010

Ah, Gigi. I love you, but you’re so wrong, oh so very wrong…

I’m not sure Greg’s actually ever SEEN Gigi before, and I was totally delighted that it came on TV. The comments he’s been making are HILARIOUS, he had no idea why I was SO EXCITED at the beginning when the old guy started to sing. Ahahahaa, as Steffi says, HonorĂ© Lachaille is the most debonair of all the pedobears. xD

And then, this:

Greg: So, is this move Pride & Prejudice?
Me: No, cause Pride & Prejudice doesn’t have whores in it.
Greg: Sure it did,
Me: Well, Okay, so if you ignored the fact that Elizabeth has sisters…
Greg: Yes, if you’re assuming Elizabeth is independent from everything else.
Me: OKAY! Well if its JUST Lizzie & Darcy, and you pretend that they’re in France and there’s whores everywhere: Yes. This is Pride & Prejudice.

We’re so old, every story is always delineated as another… ^_^;;

June 17th, 2010

In a beautiful pea green boat…

The owl and the pussy cat went to sea...

I’m pretty sure that Essie warned me that this set was going to be released soon, and warning is so totally the correct word here. The fabrics and patterns in Heather Ross’s Far Far Away II set conjure up SO MANY awesome project ideas I am full to bursting.

I somehow think, however, that Greg wont let me purchase a mess of smiley moons and wistful cats to make new quilt covers/pillow cases for our shared bed however… ^_^;; xD Though I DO really need to find some awesome fabric combinations that we both like (YES! My man does actually have an opinion on fabric *outs him*) to make us more. Our totally mismatched bedding is starting to urk me, even though the reason we went that way was because of lack of funds and that together it became ‘OURS.’ <3

Confession time? I used to HATE the Owl & the Pussycat when I was a kid. Used to drive me batty that the cat didn’t just eat the owl. DID IT HAVE NO SENSE OF PRESERVATION!? But now it just fills me with such a feeling of whimsical nostalgia that I adore any reference to it when I stumble upon it.

Old age hypocrisy, apparently I cherish it.

June 15th, 2010

Simplicity Bias Tape Maker?! GET IN MY POSESSION!!!


So while I’m randomly posting stuff at half past one in the morning… OMG I just founnd this thing of BEAUTY at! Along with its good mate, the Simplicity Rotary Cutting Machine. HOLY CRAP ON A STICK! How freaken useful what THESE have been when I was making Greg and my Cactus costumes?

SOOO getting my hands on these puppies, the amount of applications of them are SOOO endless! *sewing gasm*

June 14th, 2010

Psycho in 123 Seconds…

Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is 50 years old. HOLY CRAP! *laughs* Apparently this trailer was put together in order to celebrate that mind blowing fact and does an AWESOME job of completely obsoleting the need to actually watch the movie. JUST LIKE MODERN HORROR MOVIE TRAILERS! xD

Its got everything the movie has plus actual tension and pace, and ITS LOW FAT!! Can’t down much sofdtrink or popcorn n two minutes now, can you? :

June 11th, 2010

Time to squeal over some kitchen stuffs!

Kitchenaid Artisan Mixers: Blueberry or Apple, that is the question

Kitchenaid Artisan Mixers: Blueberry or Apple, that is the question

OKAY SO THIS LIST HAS LESS SUPER GORGEOUS THINGS ON IT THAT I WAS EXPECTING! It also has less quirky stuff on it than I was expecting. Apparently most of what I want is achingly practical. WHAT’S THAT ABOUT!? xD But still, the IDEA of a lot of these things has me salivating – especially as whenever I try and make anything on the Damn Daring Bakers Challenges, they always require me to use something that I don’t own so I dodgy up other things in their stead. xD I’d like to be less dodgy – or as a friend put it, ~~INNOVATIVE~~ – especially when it comes to using a stand mixer with all the delicious attachments.

The faithful and long serving electric hand beaters we have are on their last legs… Recently using it its motor started to kinda.. Burn… ^_^;;

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June 10th, 2010

So pretties, time to petses!

Apple Butter on Marianne Dashwood from Shop Yarn Love

I was bullied by my mans last night into posting a birthday wishlist. As I have no real idea on what I actually WANT O_O;; I decided to instead use it as an excuse to go check out some massive pretties that I’ve been avoiding doing because WHO HAS MONEY FOR THAT?!? xD So this way its not REALLY torture, its research. *nods*


What follows is Part One of my ~research~ xD YARN LOVE!! A whole mess of yarns from stores that I’ve wanted to try out for AGES because the photos make me want to touch them so completely..!

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April 21st, 2010

And its not even me that went back to playing WoW…

We killed this, and I didn't even know what it was... xD - Screenshot from World of Warcraft

We killed this, and I didn't even know what it was... xD

nett: OH MY GOD! I just went to empty the compost
dorkuchan: ?
xxJenjeh: O_o
xxJenjeh: o_O
nett: and there was a hulking great big spider ON THE HANDLE of our compost bin
dorkuchan: D:
xxJenjeh: lol
nett: and then when I freaked out and flipped the lid right off onto the ground
dorkuchan: er
dorkuchan: DDDDD:
nett: I discovered that the handle area was FILLED WITH SPIDER EGG SACS
nett: So I went inside, and got the barrier spray
xxJenjeh: KEEELLL IT
M xxJenjeh: HAHA I <3 you XD dorkuchan: XDD
nett: But now I don’t want to go back out there and put the lid back on >_<;; xxJenjeh: and look for loot
xxJenjeh: obviously
nett: And I’ll just have to like, vendor trash it
xxJenjeh: yea
xxJenjeh: and well all know that shit is useless
nett: might as well just leave the bodies there to clutter up the map for a while, it’ll vanish on its own eventually!
dorkuchan: XD
xxJenjeh: :B

April 12th, 2010

Maxine Sutton. And a baby bulldog.

Maxine Sutton: Bella tea/coffee cosy in yellow. Hand printed both front and back on lovely white organic cotton twill, and padded with recycled wadding made from plastic drinks bottles.

Maxine Sutton: Bella tea/coffee cosy

Anthropologie has always been an evil and horrendous purveyour of too much pretty. Those bastards. And they’re at it again, this time making me pine for rugs that I cannot have – and now must actually learn how to properly make my own for my future pie-in-the-sky house. Perhaps thats what I’ll put on my rugs. Pie. In the sky.

Everyone likes pai. Raight?

But it did make me hunt out the delectable arts of Maxine Sutton and have me grabby handsing and pretty much everything – even things I have ZERO use for like the lavender spoons (or soons as the product id would have it xD). WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THAT, I CAN’T EVEN SMELL LAVENDER. xD

And now, courtesy of Jenji, a bulldog:


April 9th, 2010

The real nerd in the relationship…

hilbert1 by ElisabethD

Hilbert1 by ElisabethD

Greg’s face: *goes all blank as if he’s on standby for a moment*
Me: *wonders if her suspicions are true, and her partner’s clearly android self has powered down for a moment*
Me: Huh. How does androgyny have anything to do with androids?
Greg: Because of andro, meaning human… Well, actually I believe it means man.
Me: *wonders even harder how android is even a word and tries to connect human with the id and come up with robot* But how does that have anything to do with androgyny, that’s like… Not a man.
Greg: Yes, but that’s because of gyno,
Me: You’re a gyno.
Greg: NO. YOU!

♥ We’re off to the country for a week, so I’ll be largely offline again/still/stuff. HAVE A GOOD WEEK, EVERYONE!