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December 8th, 2009

Make Believe

Make Believe floral Accessories

Make Believe is a simply stunning short-run site that I just stumbled upon whilst keeping an eye out for bridesmaids accessories while I write my Christmas Wishlist.

Very small amount of stock atm (their MEN section has items from the womens section in them that I’m not ENTIRELY sure pull off unisex) but what they have there are CERTAINLY statement pieces of emblematic gorgeous.

DO WANT! *catches glimpses of pie-shaped clouds*

December 2nd, 2009

i_seldom_do: new Gelaskins!

i_seldom_do: new Gelaskins! Gelaskins by Audrey Kawasaki

AUUUUGH! Suddenly never wanted an iPhone more than I do RIGHT THIS SECOND upon Audrey Kawasaki releasing her new Gelaskins.


I’ve wanted one of her 17″ Macbook Pro Gelaskins but never actually purchased one (poverty somehow manages to win out over vanity), but AUGH! This one is a kicker. DO WANT iPHONE, DARN YOUR ENABLING, AK! xD

PS: First time posting with Press This. QUITE enamored of the feature already :D

August 18th, 2009

Oh my god its full of stars PRETTY DRESS!

The work of Susan Biovsky at Rosen & Co

The work of Susan Biovsky at Rosen & Co

These tiny thumbnails don’t do tis work justice under ANY stretch of the imagination. The HUGE voluminous skirts, the traditional clothing inspiration taken to delicious heights and magnitutes of fabric. I mean just LOOK at that petticoat! OM NOM NOOOMMM..! Do want these clothes and lords do enjoy the massive inspirational hit this line offers.

Big skirts, patterened tights, how could anyone not feel pretty in these sumptuous ensembles?

August 17th, 2009

Polyvore: Collage never looked so sexy.

An insight into Polyvore: Katoulas A Small Preview Of Fall 2009.
Sexy collage, delicious fashion statements. Polyvore’s a DIY in delicious, ostentatious, divine and sometimes rather absurd. For those who are members you define your style and themes and share your fashion savvy with the world, for those that aren’t OH MY GOD ENJOY THE NOMS! Inspiration at its girly best, a lot of colour schemes and concepts have sprung from this site for me. Fashion, fun, frivolity and yet its WORK RESEARCH! Hell yes you don’t get much better than that right there. ^_^

OhOh! My example pics? They’re from katoula’s ‘A Small Previw Of Fall 2009…’, and IDK why she spelled it that way but she did. I especially adore Untitled, Green can make things more interesting… & Victorian Tea Party.